Review Requests

General requests:

Ella currently resides in America and is open to reviewing books from all over the world in both French and English. She is a conversational French speaker (not fluent but always learning!)

  • Please be aware that sending her a physical book does not guarantee a review.
  • Ella will always provide an honest opinion in all circumstances when reviewing a book.
  • Her reviews always include information on why she disliked or liked a book.
  • The books she reads are purchased with her own money or borrowed from a library. She uses both physical books and Kindle e-books.

Included in a review:

  • A blurb of the novel and an image of the cover, mostly taken from Amazon or Goodreads
  • Honesty
  • Quotes when needed
  • A “book star” rating. This is just like a star-based rating system but with books instead of stars. Here is an example:
  • All reviews are posted on her blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Nobles website, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. Some reviews may be condensed when being published on select websites included Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Review Policy:

Thank you so much for considering Biographies and Diaries as a place to request a review, we appreciate it very much! We only read from the non-fiction, biographical and historical fiction genres, mainly about history and art although we are open to other subjects.  We are enjoy to most types of non-fiction genre including, but not exclusively:

  • Academic
  • Expository
  • Memoirs
  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Opinion peices
  • Essays on art or liateure
  • Young adult

We primary read non-fiction that pertains to history. We will read about all eras. Some of our favorite eras and subjects to read about include:

  • The Tudors (food, art, culture, court life, domestic life…)
  • The Kings, Queens, and mistresses of France especially in the 18th century
  • The 19th century,  primarily France, and Britain
  • Woman’s history
  • Fine arts and decorative arts
  • Dress and textiles history

Notice: we are not scholars or experts in history, just hobbyists interested in books and the past.

  • I appreciate physical copies of books but also enjoy e-books for Kindle Paperwhite.
  • I will not accept all requests but will always send an email reply if I chose not too as well as if I do.
  • I generally try to complete all books I begin reading but if I cannot finish a book I will always email you why.
  • I am open to all types of promotion including a variety of interviews and social media photos
  • I accept self-published novels on a very limited basis